This is a 1 1/2" genuine leather belt.

Every piece of leather I work with reacts and accepts dyes and colors differently. This piece of leather accepted the dye in such a way that the belt became a piece of art. It started with a canyon tan dye and the first coat was appearing to be saturating in spots and not in others. The second coat applied enhanced that effect even more causing distinctive shading to occur. A third and final coat of dye really exhibited this full contrasting in a beautifully finished piece. Enhancing this individual color shading became natural and easy because the turquoise spots and the nickle conchos just fell into place and finished the piece. The belt was then completed and sealed with a satin shene finish.

The final addition was the choice of the solid brass, antique nickel buckle.

Due to the necessity to pattern the conchos this belt needs to be custom sized to your fit so include your size (based on how you will wear it--hips, waist, etc) when ordering. The size you specify will be the size to the center hole which will give you some adjustment either way.  ***See photo #4 to measure from one of your current belts.  


United States $5.00 USD $2.00 USD

Everywhere Else $6.00 USD $3.00 USD

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