This is an absolute beauty!!! This strap is 2 1/2" wide and a lot of work went into creating this piece. The entire length of the main strap and adjuster strap was hand stamped creating a detailed pattern. The center focal point on the front was a hand done braid with leather lacing. The color is about as nice as can be--I started with a coal black dye applied lightly to the center and fading to the edges in a darker tone which gives this beauty the blue smoke name. Nickel spots were added along the center for an added touch.

The adjuster strap is an easy to use buckle closure and was done in the same 10 step process as the main strap. For an extra eye catcher, I stripped down some leather lacing and added it with a D-ring on the bottom of the adjuster. The strap was completed after 4 layers of hand rubbed wax finish was applied softening the leather for maximum comfort.

This is a real beauty and a definite eye catcher. This strap is sized to fit between 47" and 57". If you need a different size, just email me and you got it.

Check the size and let me know if you need it a different one.

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