ZZZ Custom Strap for Erik


HawkLeather will provide one (1) genuine leather custom strap made with the requested specs.

1) 2 1/2" wide genuine leather, double layered, custom strap with hidden adjuster.  Strap will adjust for size of 47" to 57".  Entire strap perimeter will be machine stitched using heavy duty nylon thread.

2) Strap will have the agreed upon artwork and lettering as requested and described here---Front of strap will have the U of I Hawk head handcarved toward the top and the initials "DT" carved below.  On the rear of the strap, the song lines "BEER RUN" and "WAKA WAKA NUKA LICKA" will be carved vertically and diagonally from top to bottom.  Between the song lines, a custom cartoon-like image of a blown up tv will be handcarved.

3) Strap will be dyed in black with a satin shene finish, and all artwork and lettering will be gold colored.

4) A lace and loop attachment piece will be included for use with an acoustic guitar set up.

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