HL's Guitar Pick Case


As a guitar player I can't tell you how many picks I've lost. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've had access to a guitar and didn't have a pick with me. Also as a player and father of a guitar player, I could never figure out where all our picks disappeared to. Hey Moms!!! Tired of having to make sure there's no picks in the jeans pockets at laundry time? As a Dad and a home handyman, I finally found the answer when I recently had to do a repair to my home clothes dryer!!!!!! Lo & Behold--The MotherLoad of lost picks--Yes there they were sitting on the inside floor of the clothes dryer under the drum.

Well, players, Dads, and Moms---here's the solution. This pick case holds numerous picks of all sizes and attaches directly to your key ring or belt snap.

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