Wallet/Card Holder


Like the old expression goes about the shoemaker not having shoes---I usually devote my leather working time to making items for my customers and my shop. I have made myself a bunch of custom guitar straps for my guitar collection but never really spend time making things "just for me". For years I carried our standard card holder to always have business cards on hand and ended up rubber banding my paper money, license and credit cards to the back of it. Finally, one day, I said I gotta put something together to hold my credit cards, business cards, my license, and my paper money in one place. So, I set aside some time and designed and created this piece. I have been using it for years now, and to me it is the most practical thing I could have ever made.

This card case/wallet is compact, not bulky like standard wallets, extremely convenient and easy to get to everything. And... it slips right in my front pocket. So many friends, family, and customers have seen mine in use and they all immediately say, "I want one!!!"

These wallet cases are made of a durable high quality 5/6 oz leather and can be personalized any way you'd like with initials, artwork, etc. Wallet shown is antique tan colored with a super shene finish. Available in any color--make your selection at time of purchase---If you don't see the color you'd like, just ask!!!

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