HL's Genuine Leather Handmade Success Journal


"There is no better success than the realization of self" Cee Lo Green. This beautiful and inspirational saying was hand carved and tooled into this 5/6oz leather using a freehand tooling and burning process. This is a 4" X 6" journal and cover. The main body of the cover was left natural leather color and the perimeter was colored using an antique process containing mahogany and brown shadings which are faded into the natural color. The color and carving is sealed in a satin shene finish. The journal is secured with a line 20 snap strap and the perimeter is hand stitched using a heavy duty wax coated nylon thread.


This journal cover will last a lifetime and has a replaceable 4"X6" Kraft journal which can be found online or at Barnes and Noble and other major bookstores.

Extra refills can be purchased from us.

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