HL's Gorgeous Leather Wine Tote Bag 2 Bottle


In all my years of leather working, this bag was made from one of the most beautiful sides of leather I have ever worked with. The leather is known as Kodiak leather and originates and is imported from Brazil. The leather is a split and the exterior is super soft yet very durable. The inside of the split is suede.

A client couple requested to have a custom wine tote made. They travel often to wineries and shows and always end up worrying about lugging around individual wine bottles without breaking them. So, I custom designed this bag for them and I am now offering these bags for sale here. This bag carries up to 2-750ml bottles. I stitched 2 sleeves together to individually protect each bottle. However, the sleeve piece is easily removable if you would like to use it as a straight tote to carry other items.

The original bag had an original ranch branding that I utilized in the design. If you would like the bag without a brand or you would like a customized letter (your last name initial, etc) just let me know as each bag is custom made when ordered. Also, this bag is offered in a four bottle size if you would prefer a larger or roomier tote--just check out our other listing.

Bag measures approximately 12"H X 8 1/2"W X 7"D. An adjustable shoulder strap and two buckle strap closures are included. This is an extremely comfortable bag on your shoulders even when carrying all 4 bottles.

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