ZZZ Custom Stock Cover for Jesse


HawkLeather will build and provide one (1) custom made stock cover for rifle stock sent by customer.  Cover to built to below specs as agreed upon by customer.

1) Cover will be made from 6/7 oz genuine leather and dyed in Java brown color with a satin shene finish.

2) A custom cheek rest will be installed along with a 5 round cartridge holder.

3) Cover will be wet formed to follow the contour of the provided stock and have a padded butt plate cover.

4) The entire cover and the notch out for the side mount sling will be perimeter stitched in heavy duty wax coated nylon thread.

5) The word "FINNISH" will be handcarved vertically above the cartridge holder and the text "M39" will be handcarved horizontally between the cartridge holder and the front or rear of the cover (to be determined by best fit as cover is constructed).

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