HL's Randy Rhoads Genuine Leather Handmade Replica Strap


A loyal customer and extreme Randy Rhoads fan asked us to replicate this famous strap for him.  After much research we produced this strap to match.  Made from the best leather out there, this double layered strap with a smooth as silk back is a beauty.  Lots of hexagon and round spots run the length of this strap and the solid brass buckle all stand out from the deep and dark black dye used.The perimeter is stitched using a heavy duty, wax coated, nylon thread and between that and the great leather used, this will firmly support any weight axe you wanna hang from it.  A gorgeous strap and an honored tribute to one of the legends of all time in the guitar world--Randy Rhoads!!!

*** These straps are custom sized as orders are received.  If you currently own a strap, lay it out flat and measure the distance from hole to hole at each end.  This will be the center of adjustment size for your custom strap.  Please notify us of measured size when ordering.  Also advise us if you use strap locks and we will punch the appropriate hole without the slot.

Lay out a current strap and measure from hole to hole at each end and let us know the size. This will be your center of adjustment size.

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